Fundraiser Projects

This is one of Hope Always fundraiser projects. We sell these delicious cupcakes to raise funds for the construction of the Uganda Center For Children With Disabilities/Special Needs.

Cupcake Fundraiser

This is one of Hope Always fundraiser projects. We sell these delicious cupcakes to raise funds for the construction of the Uganda Center For Children With Disabilities/Special Needs.

Spearheaded by NTV's Faridah Nakazibwe, the cupcakes are sold through public events, sale to cooperate companies and to individuals as well. This is done in partnership with Rumi Confectionery


Madina Nampiima speaks in song.

She can’t use words- Madina was born with both a physical and mental disability, so she can only make noises expressing her joy, hunger, or sadness. As soon as her father saw that she was disabled, he left her and her mother. Her mother, Casalinah, asked his family for help – even just financial help, as she had no other family of her own. They told her to never come back. A disabled child, they said, didn’t belong to their side of the family.

In Africa, a disabled child is considered a curse.


Madinah needed to go to the hospital for her condition, but Casalinah never had the money. Casalinah wanted to give her daughter an education, but no school would take her. She sought out even a small job to cater to Madina’s needs, but no one would hire a cursed woman.


She had only a small piece of land in Kiwoko, Uganda, on which she built a small hut out of mud, reeds, and grass. At the very least, they had a roof over their heads. The roof, however, leaked when it rained. Confined to the driest corner of the house, Casalina would shield her daughter from the rain. If it rained at night, they would huddle in this corner, unable to lie down until the storm passed. Their home only had a small pit latrine, leaving Casalina and her daughter vulnerable to cholera.


“Madinah is my child, and I love her,” Casalinah said. “Though her father abandoned us due to Madina’s disability, though relatives hated us since they see her as a curse, I will never abandon my lovely daughter.”


Madina’s story is not uncommon.

In Africa, when a child is born with a disability, the entire family is considered to be cursed. Many families will try to hide the “curse”. If word gets out, their families will abandon them and no one in the community will even consider marrying their siblings. So, their own caretakers will often hide them away in a back room. These children don’t get to go to school. They don’t get to see the doctor. Some of them die in these back rooms. Those who do stand for their children face the consequences.


Hope Always, a registered non-government organization in Uganda, heard about Madinah and her mother. Alongside their volunteers, Hope Always renovated their home and facilities and continues to provide them with food. But they want to do more for these families. Hope Always is building a new facility to give these children exactly what has been denied to them for so long- health services, education, and support for their caretakers.


This is why Ronald Sekitoleko is biking over 1800 km across four countries- he wants to prove that these children are a blessing, not a curse. His destination is in Arusha, Tanzania, where he will hand-deliver a petition to the Speaker of the East African LegislativeAssembly demanding human rights for children with disabilities. On the way, he is visiting children with disabilities and his fellow Rotary and Rotaract clubs to encourage them in their fight to change their culture’s view on disabilities. When he visits these children, they feel more loved than ever before. Before, they had been hidden away; now, someone is biking over 1800 miles on their behalf.


We call upon everybody to support Africa’s disabled children by sponsoring Ronald Sekitoleko’s ride through GoFundMe and sharing Madina’s story. Together, we can give prove to Africa’s disabled children that they are a blessing, not a curse.


Ronald Sekitoleko has embarked on a 1,800 kilometer journey on his bicycle through four East African countries. He is why, in his own words.

The Sing For Charity Band is an entertainment wing of Hope Always through which we push our campaigns as well as developing talents. Its a Band whose members are mainly children sponsored by Hope Always and well wishers of the cause of restoring hope.

Upcoming Events

Hope Always (NGO) Executive Director, Mr. Ronald Sekitoleko, after his East Africa cycling tour in the Countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya, has been invited to participate in Cheaha Challenge Grand Fondo cycling in the State of Alabama, USA.

Cheaha Challenge

Mr. Ronald Sekitoleko the Executive Director of Hope Always (NGO), has this year 2019 been invited by Anniston Noon Rotary Club in Anniston, Alabama USA, to give a key note Speech about his organization’s work of empowering Children with Disabilities in Uganda, East Africa and Africa.

Anniston Noon Rotary Club

Proposed Hope Always Uganda Center For Children With Disabilities

The center is to be constructed at the already donated piece of land in Nakaseke District- Uganda. Over 1000 Children with disabilities are expected to benefit from Hope Always services both at the center and through the organization’s outreach programs.

Special Needs Class

Hope Always strives to see that Children with Special Needs get access to education through our Special Needs classes program.